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I offer healthy meals and snacks that include all the different food groups and are appetising to ‘fussy eaters’. If there are certain foods that you do not wish your child to have then I will work completely within your guidance and requests. I have a 2 week rotational menu which I loosly work to and change periodically so that the children have plenty of variety within their meals and continue to be interested in new foods.  I also include foods from different cultures and religions especially if any of the children in my care are from certain cultures themselves as it allows them to share this with us all.

If a child is in my care all day, I try to give them one cooked meal and one lighter meal throughout the day plus they can have breakfast with me if requested.


An example of my menu can be found here.



I do cook many vegetarian meals although I do also cook many meat recipes. However, I understand that sometimes children are reluctant to eat certain foods so I try to cater to their preferences whilst encouraging them to try new foods as much as possible. Please note this is just a sample menu and can be completely changed to suit your child’s needs.


For babies under 12 months I am happy to follow either the baby led weaning route and/or give baby food as required.

Please note I follow the Welsh Governments Food and Health Guidelines for Early Years Settings. A link to the guidelines can be found here. I am also registered and inspected by Monmouthshire Food Safety Department.