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3 to 7 year olds

Group games, sharing, learning to get dressed.

Collecting insects and plants on a nature walk and identifying them. Baking.

Painting, cake decorating, singing imaginative play e.g. play in wendy house or dressing up, plasticine.

Foundation Stage


The Foundation Stage in Wales extends from age 3 to 7 and includes a statutory curriculum that is followed by all maintained and non-maintained settings.


“It encourages children to be creative, imaginative and makes learning more enjoyable and more effective.

Children will be given opportunities to explore the world around them and understand how things work by taking part in practical activities relevant to their developmental stage. They will be challenged through practical activities and develop their thinking with open-ended questions. Children will be encouraged to explore concepts and share ideas for solving problems.

The Foundation Phase has 7 areas of learning which are delivered through practical activities and active learning experiences both indoors and outdoors.” http://gov.wales/topics/educationandskills/earlyyearshome/foundation-phase/?lang=en


All children under school age are given their own Learning Journey scrapbook folder in which I record observations and pictures of their progress. From these observations I am then able to decide what the children can do next to take their development to the next level. They are also given a diary which we record the activities they have done during the day. This diary is then taken home with them so that parents can read it and discuss the day with their child. Parents may also wish to put in their own entries so that I can read about what your child has been doing at home.


As a former science teacher I have plenty of experience in delivering education and all the children take part in activities that allow them to develop and gain new experiences. There are 7 areas of Learning and Development defined in the EYFS. Below I have listed each area and have given some examples of the activities that we do to cover these areas:


Area of Learning

Understanding of the World

Language, Literacy and Communication skills

Creative Development

Physical Development

Personal and Social Development, well-being and cultural diversity

Mathematical development

Welsh Language Development

Babies and Toddlers

Stories, pop up books, talking time, mirror play.

Sand and water play. Shape sorters, building blocks.

Number rhymes with actions, counting to ten games.

Painting, play dough.

Using baby walker, push along toys

Learning words for pictures and objects, singing lullabies.

Introduce children to the Welsh terms for everyday items/observations e.g. colours, foods.

Making up stories from picture books, Looking at letter shapes.

Number flash cards, dominoes, Playing with abacus.

Introduce children to basic welsh terms and phrases including numbers and greetings.

Balancing games. Dancing, trampoline, going to park.

Balancing games. Dancing, trampoline, going to park.