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I aim to ensure that all activities are fun, stimulating and age appropriate and will break up the day to include plenty of variety.

I provide a home away from home and intend to care for each child in the same routine as they would have at home and will gain as much information from parents as possible to provide continuity.

The breakdown of a typical day below is just an example of the activities we do. Time frames will be completely dependent on your own child’s routine.

A 'Typical' Day


7:30 am   Arrive (have breakfast if it is required)


8:00am    Child initiated play with age appropriate toys whilst other children arrive.


8:30am   Take older children on the school/pre-school run.


9:30am   Morning adult led pre planned activity such as baking/painting/crafts or we may go to the local playgroup/music group/childrens centre. We may carry out seasonal activities or spend some time here on messy play such as sand and water table, playdough, hand and foot painting, plasticine or bubbles. We may do some home science experiments which is a specialty of mine!!


10:30am   Snack time (perhaps followed by morning sleep for a baby if required)


11:00am   Outside play (football, playhouse, sand pit, bikes, trikes, scooters). If weather bad then indoor play e.g. dancing, dressing up or messy play.


12:30pm   Lunchtime.


1:30pm   Nap time if appropriate for toddlers and babies. If a nap is not required this is normally a good time to have some down time with a story or we may need to do a preschool pick up.


2:30pm   Child initiated play with age appropriate toys, including musical instruments and ball pool. We may also carry out another adult led afternoon activity at some point.


3:00pm   School run.


4:15pm   Tea time.